Online Casino Craps— Things You Should Know But Probably Don’t

Online Casino Craps— Things You Should Know But Probably Don’t

In the world of virtual gambling, one game that has always held a spot in the most played games among online players is craps. A form of dice game, it is played by placing bets on various outcomes after rolling the dice. Among the bets include going for all odd or all even numbers, certain number combinations, as well as the number of times a specific number may appear in a single setting.

Craps is at the top of most played games in North America. If you’ve ever had the chance to sit at one of the craps tables in Vegas, you’ll find that it is such an out of this world experience. Today, players won’t have to go to Las Vegas to enjoy some craps fun. With the game available online, people now get to access it anytime and anywhere they are.

Why is craps so popular?

It’s quite astounding how so many people are hooked with this exciting game. It could be the excitement while waiting for the dice to roll or the sound it makes as it hits the table or it could just be some player’s unbelievable luck during the game, everybody has their own reasons for loving the game.

Now that they don’t need to be in an actual casino to play the game, people are taking advantage of the chance to finally enjoy the game no matter where they are or when it is they wish to play. It can be one addictive game too and the elation you feel every time you take in some revenue will only make you want to play it even more.

Understanding the Basics

There are two dice that are used in the craps game. They are rolled in the “point” and “come out” rounds. You can play craps even if there’s just you. Before the dice are rolled, you have the choice to not pass a bet or go for a pass line. When 11 or 7 is rolled, you win the bet. If you’ve made the pass line bet and you rolled a 12, 3 or 2, you lose.

If a shooter wins a roll, they are allowed to make a roll gain until such time as they end up with a combination that’s considered a losing one. To make it easier for you understand how the game is played, here are some game-specific lingoes.

Shooter is the person rolling the dice when it is their turn to make the roll.

On a roll is when the person rolling the dice is winning consecutively.

Crap out happens after Craps gets rolled out during the first roll.

A player gets snake eyes if he ends up rolling two ones on the die which means he losses because the total of the two rolls is 2.

High rollers are players that place hefty bets.

A come out roll is the first die roll which will be considered a win should a player gets 7 or 11. Other numbers that comes out will then establish the point for the shooter.

Points are the totals of a shooter’s first roll which isn’t a losing or a winning sum.

Natural is also an alternative term for a win.

A pass line is the bet placed before a roll comes out.

Don’t pass is the alternative betting option which basically bets against the dice.

A one roll is a bet on the next dice roll.

Hi-Lo is a betting saying that the next roll could be a 12 or a 2 or the highest or lowest roll possible.

Perhaps the fact that players get various winning opportunities with craps is what makes it a pretty popular game among online gamblers. It can be addictive too since it’s not just fun but is quite straightforward to play too. With the game now being available to players any time online, it looks like it’s one casino game that isn’t going away anytime soon.


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